Training Visual Basic Application for RF Engineer Training

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Min. Person : 10

Duration : 2 Days

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Training Description

Skills in data processing and automation is an essential value-added which greatly facilitates the work of RF Optimization Engineers. These skills provide flexibility and create ample time for more in-depth analysis of their work. This training provides practical guidelines to utilize VBA that is embedded in a widely popular MS Office application to enable faster data processing and presentation. Training materials are specifically tailored to meet the demand in RF optimization working environment. Training will be conducted by instructor which has extensive experience in VBA-based tools development that are suited for telecommunication projects.


Training Objectives

At  the end of this workshop, participant will be able to:

  • Participants understand about VBA principles in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Participants understand Macro Basic and Internet Help
  • Participants get used with Excel and Access
  • Participants know how to Querying Data From MS Access
  • Participants be able to collect measurement data in Access and Excel (Macro)
  • Participants be able to create simple report template, Create a PivotTable (Macro), Create a PivotChart (Macro), and then Export Chart to Power Point (Macro)


Training Syllabus

  • VBA Introduction in Excel and Access
  • Access and Excel Basic
  • Macro Basic and Internet Help
  • First Case : Querying data from MS Access
  • Second Case : Collecting measurement data in Access and Excel (Macro)
  • Third Case : Create simple report template
  • Fourth Case : Create a PivotTable (Macro)
  • Fifth Case : Create a PivotChart (Macro)
  • Sixth Case: Export Chart to Power Point (Macro)
  • Self-case implementation (bring your own data and make one of the case that presented in the first day)

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