Training 4G LTE RF Planning, Drivetest & Optimization

– COURSE DURATION : 4 Days Classroom Training + 5 Days On Job Mentoring (Total 9 Days)

– Not including venue and accomodation

– Materi included for training booking

Min. Person : 10

Duration : 9 Days

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People who has an access to daily cellular telecommunication maintenance and operation activity


Trainee attending this class must have fundamental electrical and telecommunication knowledge and one year on the-job cellular telecommunication experience.


4 Days Classroom Training + 5 Days On Job Mentoring (Total 9 Days)



4G LTE RF Planning
This training presents difference between 2G, 3G and 4G, network architecture and their radio technology. It will explain detail concept about OFDMA and SC-FDMA. It will explained about coverage and capacity planning depends on LTE RF deployment strategy. This training also presents how to design 4G LTE network with Planning tool. Create and calibrate propagation models, and also allocate RF configuration parameters like PCI, neighbours, Antenna parameters, Transmitters parameters, Cell parameters, MIMO Settings, Settings ICIC for LTE networks in Planning tool.

4G LTE Drivetest
In Drivetest Session participants will understand Drivetest measurement and analysis of LTE network coverage, will be able to conduct LTE Drivetest both on Single site verification test and also cluster drive test, will be able to create final report for Single site reporting and cluster drive test Reporting and will be able to present Drivetest Problem, Root Cause Analysis and Action plan for problem solving.

4G LTE RF Optimization
In Optimization session it teaches how to monitor performance of the LTE Radio Access Network. It talks about the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that should be used. In this course students will be introduced to the LTE radio network analysis and associated KPI formulas. They will be guided through LTE system statistics, operational measurements, data field examples, and key performance indicator and measurement. Furthermore LTE optimized field tools and how to examine LTE message/events records will be introduced. It also presents about RF Configuration Parameters, Key Performance Indicator and Self Optimization Networks.


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